Rolled Ham Sandwich               


Hansen'sChristmas Platter




Everyone please reserve your Christmas Platter today!  Reserved orders only! 

We will start taking reserved orders on December 18th.  

Last day and time for reserve orders will be

December 24th at 15:00!  

Danish Selection of Delicious Pastries.   (¥250each)

Sauerkraut and Basil German Sausage dish.  


¥ 400

Hansen Special 

 Basil German Sausage and Potato combination dish.




Hansen Special Spicy Chicken Dog!



 Danish Sausages  10 for ¥1600

                                       36 for  ¥5350


Liver Sandwich  ¥500



Very popular with ladies!  


Please come and try!  



         "Hot Wine"!  


Keep warm with a great tasting glass of hot wine!  

"Japan`s   Only   Danish   Restaurant"

Fall Special

Hansen Special Spicy Chicken Dog!  




Chief  Special

Potatoes and sausage sauted with onions seasoned specially for your enjoyment!


January 2018  Events!!!

 "Practice Speaking English"


Every Monday from 17:00 to 20:00

Come and Enjoy!!!

Business Hours          and contact

We also do special orders.  We'll make your  orders as you request.  

Please ask when ordering!  

Thank you!

"Call in Order"





Open and Close:

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

AM: 9:00~PM:8:00


If you have any questions, please contact us at


Thank you!

Hansen Original





Copenhagen Suma Hotdogs

    Seasonal DISH

A perfect Danish hot dog specially made for each season.  This season`s dish is a Roast Pork dog!

   Original Menu

Imported Danish Sausages and handmade breads.  You will enjoy the gourmet taste of Denmark!

Sandwich & Sweets

Popular Danish sandwiches and desserts are also available for desires.

Special Menu

We offer special holiday trays, party trays and special dishes with delicious hotdogs,meats and seafood.